Fortis Donates $500,000 to Elevate Cancer Care, Right Here at Home

On February 14, 2020, Fortis donated $500,000 to be split evenly between the Health Care Foundation and the Dr. H Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation. The Bliss Murphy Centre will use its money towards the construction of a new chemotherapy unit, while The Health Care Foundation will use its $250,000 towards the complete renovation of the cancer care unit at the Health Sciences centre.

Changing the Setting for Cancer Patient Journeys in Unit 4 North A

“Relative to most patients, cancer patients and their families will spend a significant amount of time in hospital,” says Health Care Foundation Vice Chair Ken Bennett, “so they deserve a comfortable and dignified space as the setting for their cancer journey.”

4 North A, more formally known as the “Inpatient Oncology and Medicine” unit provides cancer care to patients who need a close and attentive level of care. Patients often stay in this unit for as long as 3 or 4 months. 4 of its 20 patients rooms provide palliative care to patients who are too ill to make the move to the Miller Centre.

Our complete renovation of 4 North A will make this unit feel more like a vibrant space of healing for patients and their families, as they face their cancer journey together.

Renovations to Include All Patients Rooms, Family Room and More

Our 4 North A project will renovate all 20 patient rooms into more comfortable, modernized spaces for patients. The project will also transform one room on 4 North A into a tranquil bathing suite for patients.

“A patient’s family is always nearby along their cancer journey, so cancer units should be customized with this in mind,” says Bennett. “4 North A’s renovations will ensure the Family Room offers the comforts of home, with a new kitchenette, kettle and coffee station, refrigerator, couch, television, and more.”

4 North A’s existing common area is already spacious and well lit by its existing large windows. To enhance this space, the renovation will include new furnishings, a fireplace, and an aesthetic overhaul, so the Common Area becomes a welcoming space that sets the tone for 4 North A.

Fortis Proud to Offer A Better Space for Patients to Get Better In

“When patients and their families are fighting cancer, they need strength, support, and welcoming surroundings,” says Barry Perry, President and CEO, Fortis. “Our donation will help create modern and comfortable spaces for patients and families during the most challenging time in their lives. Championing cancer patient care is close to our hearts at Fortis and we are proud to support these projects and the positive impact they will have on cancer care.”

Health Care Foundation Board Chair, and Fortis’s CFO and Executive VP, Jocelyn Perry, thanks cancer patient Meghan Waterman for her speech at the donation event

4 North A is Our Latest Effort to Improve Cancer Care 

Our 4 North A project is our latest endeavour to improve cancer care right here at home. We also recently stewarded the purchase of a 3T MRI machine that has greatly improved our ability to diagnose cancers sooner, and plan cancer surgeries better. We also recently stewarded the acquisition of SPECT CT machines that have greatly improved a doctors’ ability to monitor a cancer patient’s treatment, which is improving patients’ chances of beating their cancer.

We could do none of these things without the corporate contributions of those who support us. So we thank Fortis for their year-round and continued support of the Health Care Foundation.

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