Supporting our Patients in Mental Health Programs

We purchased a new 15-passenger bus for our mental health program. This bus provides transportation so our patients can have supervised access to the community to practice life and integration skills. The bus is also used to provide frequent social outings for geriatric patients.

Improving the Delivery of Healthcare in our Intensive Care Units for Years to Come

We prepared for a potential surge in Intensive Care cases due to Covid-19 with the purchase of 15 next generation Progressa™ ICU beds. These beds promote early mobility, getting patients up and walking sooner, and are designed to optimize patient and caregiver safety.

The Health Sciences Centre was the First Hospital in Canada to Buy a 3T MRI

Our new 3T MRI delivers an image twice as vivid as the 1.5T MRI we had before. As a result, we can catch cancers quicker, diagnose cardiac diseases better, plan brain tumor or aneurysm surgeries more accurately, or improve the treatment plan of a patient with MS, to name but a few examples. Because it scans faster, the 3T MRI has also lowered wait times

New Spect CTs Can Locate The Cause Of An Illness In A Matter Of Minutes, With A Full Body 3-D Scan

Spect CTs combine 2 technologies into one revolutionary machine that provides quicker, clearer 3-D scans of patients. That means lower wait times for patients, and better digital details for doctors to diagnosis your disease. SPECT CTs also let your doctor track how your treatment plan is working in a way that wasn’t possible before, so you have a better chance at beating illnesses such as cancer or cardiac disease.

17 New Fully Integrated Operating Rooms Ensure Better Surgeries for Patients

As surgeons came to rely more and more on technology, operating rooms became very congested with bulky equipment and too many cords. Thanks to Trades NL, we have completely modernized 17 operating suites. As Dr. David Pace puts it, “More cameras, lights, and video monitors, and less clutter, allows us to do our surgery better”.

1 in 3 People in NL Will Need Cardiac Care In Their Lifetime. And We’re Ready To Help Them.

The Health Sciences Centre has 3 new echocardiograms that let us see your beating heart, live and in 3D. “In the past, we would have had to cut into a patient, put a tube in, or even open their chest to see their heart,” says Dr. Sean Connors. “Now a surgeon can visualize a valve, see where it leaks, and plan a surgery without ever cutting the patient open, because of the information these cardiac ultrasounds provides us.”

Safer, Faster Recovery for Patients in Rehabilitative Care

The new “Solo Step” track and harness system at the Miller Centre ensures there is zero risk of falling during rehabilitative exercises. This gives patients security and confidence that leads to quicker rehabilitation, and because physical therapists no longer have to hold patients up during exercises, they can stand back and observe their patient’s progress. This “hands off” approach gives patients more dignity and comfort.

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