Monthly Giving Program

Monthly Giving provides The Health Care Foundation with a stable and reliable revenue stream we can count on.

As a monthly donor, you give what you consider to be an affordable amount once a month, and these small donations add up to big changes in our hospitals.

You can start or stop any time, and the payments will be automatically deducted from your account.

Wynann Smith’s Monthly Giving Story …

Wynann Smith became a monthly donor to the Health Care Foundation because she felt it was a good way to show her gratitude for the wonderful treatment her husband received during his stays in the Ambulatory Care and Intensive Care Units at the Health Sciences Centre.

Like all monthly donors, she gets to choose which program her donations will improve, and Wynann chooses to donate to Ambulatory Care. Her husband spent a lot of time in this unit, and she felt that staff went above and beyond to make them feel comfortable. “They made us feel like family,” she says. “Especially Dr. Bergstrom.”

Wynann knows the Health Care Foundation raises money to ensure healthcare staff like Dr. Bergstrom have all the tools they need to provide first-rate care to people like her husband, and she’s grateful that items purchased by The Health Care Foundation have helped her family in many ways. For Wynann, monthly giving is a truly positive outlet for her and for hospitals and health centres, right here at home.