Health Care Foundation Research Grants

The Health Care Foundation continues to contribute funds annually to support and encourage research in healthcare. The proposals can include either clinical research or research related to the organizational and administrative aspects of healthcare. Adult-based research will receive priority in decisions for funding available from the Health Care Foundation. Examples of recently funded projects include research on restoring manual dexterity in patients with Multiple Sclerosis, and an investigation into the benefits of nurse-led community meetings in Acute Psychiatric Units.

The applicant (as principal investigator or co-investigator) must be a medical staff member and/or an employee of Eastern Health at the following sites:

  • Health Sciences Centre
  • St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital
  • Dr. L. A. Miller Centre/Caribou Memorial Veterans Pavilion
  • Dr. Walter Templeman Health Care Centre
  • Waterford Hospital
  • Pleasant View Towers

Please click here for more information about Research Grants 2023. If you have additional comments or questions, contact us at 777.5901 or 

Applications must be received by November 3, 2023.