Moving Lives Forward Bursary Program

This program supports recent clients of Eastern Health’s mental health or addictions programs, by providing them with a bursary to pursue higher education or

Our Moving Lives Forward Scholarship program helps recent patients of Eastern Health’s mental health and/or addictions programs grow and heal, through the pursuit of higher education and/or skill development opportunities.

NEXT DEADLINE: August 7, 2020

Brad Whitten | Moving Lives Forward Bursary Recipient, 2018

“Every day, I cope with anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder caused by incidents in my childhood. For me, daily activities that many people take for granted, like going to the store or being around large groups of people, can make me extremely uncomfortable and anxious.

But one thing that has always helped is practicing art – it keeps my hands and mind occupied. Four years ago, I became involved with the Open Windows Studio located at the Waterford Hospital. It was there that I heard about the Health Care Foundation’s Moving Lives Forward Program. 

Moving Lives Forward allowed me the means to wholeheartedly pursue my passion and love for pottery. When I received my first grant, I was elated and even proud, because somebody, somewhere, believed in me.

Participating in programs offered at the Clay Studio has allowed me to build on my skills, but also to discover a community of people that I feel comfortable with. I have always found it difficult to find meaningful employment, but I am happy to say that this grant ultimately led to a temporary position at the Clay Studio, in St. John’s. I now sell my own art and continue to volunteer with the studio.”

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