Memories of Brad Kilfoy Kerrivan

Brad was a loving son, big brother, friend, and a wonderful father to his son Colton (his favourite role of all). He was passionate about his community and had a philanthropic way about him. He always wanted to give back. When his beloved dad, John, developed Alzheimer’s and became a resident in a long-term care home, St. Luke’s, Brad became an advocate for him, along with other seniors, by volunteering his time with the Resident Family Advisory Council for Long-Term Care Families at Eastern Health. He was also involved in the Paradise Soccer Club, Paradise and Extreme Hockey, as well as Octagon Pond Elementary School Council and so much more. Brad loved his community, and his community loved him. To those who knew him, he was a legend.

His son Colton was his world. He would do anything for him which included being his coach, nurse, doctor and best of all, his friend. One of Brad’s passions was playing the guitar. At night, he would stop whatever he was doing to play Colton a tune if he couldn’t sleep. Brad was an amazing father, always thinking of little things that meant so much to Colton.


Colton remembers being with his dad when he received his first Elf on the Shelf, “Flakey T. Snow” who was late arriving at the house “because he was just getting out of the isolation due to COVID-19.” But that was the person Brad was, being with him made that moment, and every other moment, magic!


Christmas was magical for Brad growing up. He loved spending time with family and making special memories. Many families in Newfoundland and Labrador share traditions at Christmas time. As a kid, Brad’s family traditions started on Christmas Eve. His parents would gather him, and his sister, Jenine, with toys in tow, and drive to their Nan and Pop Kilfoy’s home just down the street, so they would all be together for Christmas morning. They would wake up to Nan singing Jingle Bells, and before opening gleaming presents under the tree, they had breakfast. Having breakfast became a new tradition when Brad was 4 years old, as he was a diabetic.

The family quickly realized that with all the excitement of presents and Santa, it was important that Brad ate first. So, eating before gifts became an honoured tradition. Breakfast ended up being a true blessing, as it allowed the family to gather with each other, take in all the Christmas lights with tin foil reflectors and gifts wrapped in shiny paper.


As Brad got older, Christmas excited him in different ways. He loved to give presents to others, especially Colton. He found so much joy in picking out the perfect gift for someone he loved. Once that special  gift was purchased, he relied on his sister to wrap them, except for hers of course, which was given to his mom to wrap. He also spent his time carefully choosing the perfect card. He always had the knack for writing the most loving and thoughtful verses, which would bring you to tears. Now and then, it would be a funny card, which also brought the person to tears. Again, that was who Brad was, always thinking of others and always wanting to put a smile on their face.


 – Brad was 42 years old when he passed away tragically. –

Tree of Memories – A New Christmas Tradition

The Health Care Foundation’s Tree of Memories is a way we can honour Brad and keep his legacy alive.  He loved his community and always gave of himself, his time and his talents to others who needed it the most. He made his mark on healthcare in our province as a Telethon volunteer and an advocate for long-term care patients. Honouring Brad’s memory through the Tree of Memories allows him to continue to help our seniors and long-term care residents living in Pleasant View Towers and the Caribou Memorial Veteran’s Pavilion.

To make your donation in memory of your loved one to the Tree of Memories today, please donate here.

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