These Unusual Times Called For An Incredible Online Event

To comply with social distancing protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic, we combined all our spring, summer, and fall signature events into “The Big Night In,” featuring performances by Jim Cuddy, Tim Baker, Fortunate Ones, Damian Follett, and Janet Cull.

The event was an incredible success, and with your support, we raised over $300,000 for hospitals and health centres, right here at home. Below is an overview of what we purchased with event proceeds.

Dialysis Care

2 new items were purchased for the Dialysis Care program:

  • A “Dummy Tummy” to train patients of the peritoneal home dialysis program
  • A new dialysis machine to meet demand for dialysis treatment here in St. John’s




Mental Health

A new 15-passenger bus was purchased for the mental health program

  • Provides patients with supervised access to the community to practice life and integration skills
  • Provides frequent social outings for geriatric patients




Occupational Health & Safety

New patient transfer equipment was purchased, such as ceiling lifts and roll boards, to ensure the safety of staff and patients alike:

  • Prevents patient injuries during transfer
  • Prevents repetitive strain or muscular-skeletal injury to staff during patient transfers




Thoracic Surgery

A new video bronchoscope was purchased for the Thoracic Surgery program:

  • Helps doctors and anaesthetists work together more effectively during surgery
  • Allows surgeons to place breathing tubes more safely and accurately




Women’s Health¬†

Purchased 2 new pieces of equipment for the Women’s Health Program

  • Modernized “Hi/Low” exam chairs to accommodate patients of all mobilities more comfortably, while ensuring better ergonomics for staff.
  • New baby bassinets that are more comfortable for babies and more accessible for new moms (especially for new moms who have had a Caesarean section).




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