Learn how to get started with Planned Giving or contact the Health Care Foundation’s Development Officer, Derrick Moore, at 709-777-1801.

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After taking care of those you love, please consider a legacy gift to healthcare. Few avenues are as potent and long-lasting as planned giving when making a significant and sustained impact. Planned giving presents a unique chance for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to fund medical innovations that will benefit the province for many years. Planned gifts have played a crucial role in transforming healthcare, guaranteeing that our hospitals and health centres remain at the forefront of medical innovation and compassionate care. This is all the information you require about planned giving and how you may contribute.

What is Planned Giving:

Donations to charities made as a part of your estate or financial planning are collectively referred to as planned giving. Planned gifts, as opposed to donations made right away, are pledged now and activated later. Planned gifts can include life insurance contracts, retirement plans, bequests in your will, and other financial instruments. By supporting causes near and dear to your heart, your contributions guarantee that your legacy endures long after you pass away.

How to Get Started With Planned Giving

Giving a planned gift doesn’t have to be complicated; it is a personal choice. Here are some actions to get you started:

  1. Review Your Resources: Choose the resources you can use for a planned donation. Resources could include money in retirement accounts, stocks, or real estate.
  2. Consult Experts: Consult an insurance agent, financial planner, lawyer, or accountant. They can guarantee that your preferences are appropriately recorded and offer advice on the planned gift most appropriate for your circumstances.
  3. Beneficiary/Beneficiaries: Select the healthcare projects or initiatives you want to support. Your gift can be allocated to the cause that is most important to you, whether that is improving patient comfort, bolstering mental health services, or improving cardiac treatment.
  4. Record Your Wishes: Make sure the legacy you have in mind is officially recorded in your will or other financial documents. This guarantees that your legacy will be respected as you intended.
  5. Contact the Health Care Foundation: Share the details of your intended donation with the Health Care Foundation. This enables  us to recognize your donation and plan for further projects. The Planned Giving Development Officer will schedule a confidential meeting with you to discuss your options and wishes.  We recognized that your plan can be amended at any time. To assist in our planning we request that you notify our Development Officer for Planned Giving of any change to your current pledge.

Real People, Real Stories

Every planned gift has a compassionate and visionary backstory.. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your experience and motivation to consider a Planned Gift.The innumerable families who have been comforted and lives saved are testaments to the legacies and vision of those who chose to move their experiences to action.

Shape the Future with Planned Giving

More than just a one-time gift, planned giving leaves a lasting legacy that influences how healthcare is provided in Newfoundland and Labrador in the future. You can guarantee that high-quality healthcare will be available to everyone for future generations by making a planned gift to the Health Care Foundation.



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