“Because sometimes being close is the only thing you can offer”

The Palliative Care Unit at the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre provides patients and their families with the best possible quality end of life care. Currently, the Palliative Care Unit has 10 rooms and of these rooms, none have larger patient beds, often called a “cuddle bed”. Cuddle beds give patients and their loved ones the chance to be close while in hospital.

With your donations, you can help patients who are terminally ill feel supported with their loved ones by their side. 

Maintaining physical contact, being touched and experiencing intimacy with family and loved ones help patients who are terminally ill feel supported. In palliative care, these beds can provide relief in the last moments by allowing this closeness, while keeping the patient comfortable without interfering with medical equipment.

Your donation will assist the Health Care Foundation in purchasing a cuddle bed for future patients who are at the end of life’s journey.

We can’t change the story, but you can change the setting by bringing patients in palliative care and their loved ones closer together in their last moments. You can make these moments of loss more comfortable for everyone.

Thank You!



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